Generation Control Room Project- MAHAGENCO

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    Registration Name: eMaharashtra 2012
    Project Category: eGov :: Best Government to Government (G2G) Initiative of the Year
    Project Name: Generation Control Room Project- MAHAGENCO

    Details of Applicant
    Name: Shivanand Kanavi
    Address: CMC House, C-18, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 400 051

    Details of  Project/Implementing Agency:

    Name of Organisation: CMC Ltd
    Address: CMC House, C-18, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code:  400 051
    Name of the Head of Organisation: R. Ramanan

    Brief description of the programme/project/initiative :

    CMC is setting up the Data Center at HQ Prakash Gad & setting up of Plant control Room at Nine Power Plants spread out in Maharashtra.. The project scope includes the design, Engineering, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of hardware equipments & software for setting up of Generation Control Room (GCR) for Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. (MSPGCL) at Head office, Prakashgad, Bandra including data acquisition for nine power stations. The project would help in reduction in Fuel Cost through Optimized Operation of the Plants by Performance Monitoring. It would also help to increase in Revenue through Proper Management of Load Dispatch of units by strictly following ABT regime Reduction in Fuel Cost through Optimized Load Dispatch of units by following MOD principle.Establishment of Organization wide effective Communication System through Video Conferencing would enable central monitoring of relative efficiency & cost of production from different plants.

    Why was the project started?Mahagenco is in the business of Power Generation with its nine power plants located inMaharashtra. At HQ There was no facility to monitor critical parameters of the power plant s located remotely in the state. . No IT mechanism to accesses the performance of the various plant equipment from a single location. This project has helped them to Monitor from single location i.e. from their data center at HQ for all plants which covers the various critical sub section of all the power plants that were spread out in entire state .

    To set up a full-fledged Generation control Room for Mahagenco which would enable them to monitor key parameters from their HQ

    Target Group:
    MSPGCL , Maharashtra State Power Generation Company within the company.

    Geographical reach:
    Nine power plants spread out in Maharashtra , Koradi, Khaperkheda, chandrapur, Bhusawal, Nasik, Paras, parli, Uran, Koyna

    Date from which the project became operational :

    Is the Project still operational :

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative:

    1. 1st of its kind Project in India where all the plants real time data has been brought to single location for monitoring purpose .Mahagenco Establishment of State of the art Generation Control Room at HO equipped with safety features for Fire Alarm & Extinguishing System, Entrance Access Control System, UPS, Modern furnishings etc

    2. Project involves all Site , Networking , Hardware , Software Video conferencing ,Instrumentation , IP Telephoney .

    3. GCR site preparation at HO as well as plants wide WAN established thereby facilitating availability of Unit wise real time data, Voice data through IP Telephones, Video data

    4. CMC has executed the project which has Data acquisition from DCS,NON DCS Units from different Vendors/OEM with different capacities like 50 MW ,200,210, 250 & 500 MW. OEM like Siemens,BHEL,ABB etc.CMC has done the required LAN,Instrumentation cabling from turbine floor to – floor at plant units spread out in 1 km area. Installed the instruments & done the data acquisition.

    5. Completion of Real Time Data Acquisition in Citect SCADA of 30 thermal units spanning 7 Thermal Power Stations

    6. For old units, wherever DCS is not available, data acquired by installing & commissioning new transmitters at various units in Plants.

    7. Interfacing with different data control systems at plants & fetching online data from them.

    8. Internal Energy Meter Data Acquisition at plants

    9. Real Time Unit Data Acquisition facilitated Plant Performance Monitoring like Cost of Heat Rate Deviations, Cost of OLC Deviations, Cost of Trippings etc

    10. Trends analysis & its Monitoring

    List  5 achievements of the programme/project:
    1.  Real time on line monitoring possible for HQ Sr. management at Data center GCR at Prakash Gad.They can give dispatch instruction to plants to optimize the power generation considering the cost of generation.

    2. Video conferencing with Plant Key officials on various issue which has helped them to sorting of the same Immediately no need to travel all the key persons of plants to HQ for discussing them.Managment can review t with them with on line data available.

    3. Real Time Unit Data Acquisition facilitated Plant Performance Monitoring like Cost of Heat Rate Deviations, Cost of OLC Deviations, Cost of Trippings etc

    4. Generation control Room software has three different applications like PPC (Plant Performance Calculations),MOD (Merit Order Dispatch) & ABT (Availability based Tariff) running at HO as well as Plant. Applications providing real time data calculations helping in managing plant outputs. ABT optimization for UI revenue maximization Online plant performance monitoring

    5. Power plant monitoring for each unit with All SCADA data is made available in standard ORACLE database providing easy access, archival & retrieval facility. History database is maintained & is easily retrievable, making trend analysis simpler. Different types of Reports can be generated for daily as well as weekly, monthly, yearly basis. Reports can be customized as per requirement due to history data availability in ORACLE Onsite support

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    “1.  Since some of the plants are very old, they don’t have DCS systems installed. In such cases, we had to install & commission new transmitters there. Since this had to be done only during planned shutdown of the plants .CMC has done the same without any accident in all the five thermal plants . As the plant units resumes operation after 1.5 month of the shutdown & the work carried out during the shutdown has to be proper else leakages normally happens forcing them shutdown of the units which results in severe penalty . CMC has taken enough precaution so that not an single incident happened on that account

    2. Each plant & unit is having different plant automation system. Plants were very OLD & few data was available . CMC has done the required meetings with key officials & done the site visits & finalized the required instruments .

    3. OEM were different & integration was major issue We faced problems while interfacing with these systems & fetching data from their systems.

    4. The number of parameters to be captured in SCADA software increased from few hundreds to almost 11000.This resulted in extra rime & efforts .Wherever parameters were not available in Plant, we had to see how it can be made available installed the required instruments Integration with recorders put where ever splitters were required & ensured that signals are made available .

    5. Energy meters data available in different formats from different vendors, not compatible with normal standards .Hence data acquisition poses a problem. By following up with Mahagenco IT & concerned vendor, data has to be taken in proper format for application to work.”

    List 5 points on how  the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1.  central real time on line Monitoring of remote plants is possible at HQ of any organization in Power sector which will be an must requirement in order to improve efficiency & better control

    2. Video conferencing will save travel cost between HQ & remote Plants Officials

    3. Real picture of remote Plants will always be available to Sr. management at click of a mouse.

    4. Management can give dispatch instructions to plants to improve/enhance the power generation at low cost With the help of application software available with system.

    5. Availability of SCADA History data for future analysis of important key parameters of power plants”

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

    1.  Project is highly scalable

    2. Software has facility to add any new Unit / plant of MSPGCL

    3. User can easy configure the same & the Relevant data will be available from the same

    4. Exiting RTus are scalable & can accommodate additional signals

    5. Networking team has designed IP addressing scheme in such a way that future requirements of clients are taken care for ex. Addition of new recorders , servers Instrumentation can be configured in the existing system with out any major modification to the software

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