GRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System)

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    Registration Name: eMaharashtra 2012
    Project Category: eGov :: Best Government to Citizens (G2C) Initiative of the Year
    Project Name: GRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System)

    Details of Applicant
    Name: Shilanath Jadhav
    Address: Finance Department, Government of Maharashtra, Govt Barrack No15-16, Free Press Journal Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 400 053

    Details of  Project/Implementing Agency:
    Name of Organisation: National Informatics Centre Government of India
    Address: Software Development Unit, Ganesh Khind Road near University Circle, Pune
    City: Pune
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 400 053
    Name of the Head of Organisation: Mrs Prathiba Joag

    Brief description of the programme/project/initiative :
    Finance Department (FD), Government of Maharashtra, has decided to receive its tax and non-tax revenue receipts electronically. For this purpose the State Government has established a new treasury called as ‘Virtual Treasury’ which dedicatedly handles all the online transactions across state centrally. The transactions take place through a web-portal named as ‘Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS)’ i.e.

    Why was the project started?
    Simplifying the lives of citizens! eGovernance, is being increasingly viewed as an enabler and facilitator of ‘good e-governance’, where the scope of good governance includes attributes such as a service-centric approach, citizen-centricity, anytime, anywhere delivery of services, integrated delivery of services, focus on outcomes, accountability, promoting right to information, inclusion of disadvantaged communities and a focus on awareness and communications. To translate these values into operational terms, there is a need of a methodology to ensure that eGovernance systems adequately reflect user centric quality characteristics, which has necessitated this project. Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS) is a secure web application which provides a facility to the Citizens, Business Community to pay Taxes / Non Tax receipts to the Government of Maharashtra electronically. Using Banks Internet payment gateways Citizens can pay their taxes / Non Tax Receipts at any point of time and from any location. The facility is available on a 24 / 7 basis. It is a G2C, G2B, G2G and G2E initiative of the Government of Maharashtra.

    Main Objective of the system was to remove the hurdles in the existing system of Payments to the Government

    Target Group:
    Citizens / Business Community / Government Departments (Like IGR / Excise / RTO etc) / Participating Banks / RBI / AG

    Geographical reach:
    Across the State

    Date from which the project became operational :

    Is the Project still operational :

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative:

    1. Before the system was implemented the physical visit to the treasury or to the treasury bank or to the respective department was a necessity in order to make payment to the government is necessary for making any govt payments, get the Challan verified by the govt official even for the regular periodic payments
    2. Manual System of payments with loopholes and prone to mistakes, misappropriations and frauds
    3. Too Much of Manpower Deployment – In the manual system of payments there was a huge need of manpower like Cashiers and accounts clerks and related staff. In the new System this has been reduced and the same manpower could be redeployed.
    4. Proof of Payment i.e Receipts misplaced or worn out or damaged The payment receipts are prone to get damaged with the passage of time, getting misplaced or worn out due to mishandling, leading hurdles in establishing the proof of payment, claiming refunds etc
    5. Single Receipt Format for the Entire State – Before deployment there were around 100-150 different Challan formats used by the various government departments for accepting payments and it was very inconvenient for people to get access to the specific formats for paying the receipts
    6. Since the process of computerisation started; the various departments of government started inventing their own systems to suit to their requirements; this made the interdepartmental data exchange nearly impossible due to the use of various technological platforms
    7. Establishing Points of Collection for User Department – The governments receipt collection was distributed and there was no common platform to compare the receipts collected at one place and in one go.
    8. Immediate Credits to the Government Account – One of the biggest strengths of the system is the liquid fund availability to RBI/government on T+1 basis, also the system helps the government to predict the Cash Flows and adjust the liquidity or Overdraft positioning of the State Government Funds
    9. Replacement of Court Fees with eChallan for filing caes in High Courts / District Court and Replacement of Stamp Paper for Property Registration with eChallans
    10. Defacment of the Challan after service is provided by Department to avoid misuse of Challan

    List  5 achievements of the programme/project:

    1. Customer satisfaction . Customer need not visit the Treasury or Bank to make payments to the Government which in turn saves customers time and money
    2. No physical copy of the Challan is stored at the treasury which in turn has saved a lot of Paper
    3. Immediate Credit of Funds to Government account facilitates liquidity which in turn saves Interest Payment by the Government
    4. Instant Verification of receipts with the Banks online and effortless reconciliation of Receipts with Banks
    5. One Single Government Portal wherein the citizen can pay any type of Replacement Tax/non Tax Payment to the Government of Maharashtra.

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    1. Convincing User Department to change their mind set for accepting e-Receipt by Forging their empowerment of Authorization for receiving money by bank from citizen
    2. GPR for Single Challan Format across the State and also Single Scroll Format across Banks
    3. Reconciliation Process between Bank and Treasury and RBI
    4. Hosting it as a Managed Hosting Services with 24/7 and proper DC and DR sites
    5. Convincing User Department to issue circulars to make stakeholders use the system

    List 5 points on how  the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. Many states have come and studied the model and are very keen in replicating the entire model in their state.
    2. Kerala / Rajasthan / TamilNadu / Chandigarh /West Bengal Teams have seen model and have shown interest in replicating it.
    3. Kerala State wil be implementing the model in 3 months tme . We are only doing the integration<br/>

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

    1. State Government Department can be added to the system (Configurable)
    2. Department can include any of their Offices across the State to be a part of this system ((Configurable)
    3. Any Nationalized bank can be a part of this System . Curently we have integrated with 10 Public Sector Banks . Plans to cover all Nationalisd Banks and Major Private Banks
    4. Renewals of Licenses / permits mandatory under various enactment can be done on line. Eg Hotels / Shops and Establishment / FDA / Wine Shops by just maintaining white and black List of license holders by the Department in their Web Site
    5. Any Receipt type can be added to the system( (Configurable)

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