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Medical Officers Masters, Availability and Transfer Request

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    Registration Name: eMaharashtra 2012
    Project Category: eGov :: Best Government to Government (G2G) Initiative of the Year
    Project Name: ”Medical Officers Masters, Availability and Transfer Request”

    Details of Applicant
    Name: Sanjay Kamlakar
    Address: 108, First Floor, Main Building, Mantralaya, Mumbai.
    City: Mumbai.
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: . 400032

    Details of  Project/Implementing Agency:

    Name of Organisation: Public Health Department
    Address: 108, First Floor, Main Building, Mantralaya, Mumbai.
    City: Mumbai.
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: . 400032
    Name of the Head of Organisation: Shri Jayant Kumar Banthia
    Website: www.maha-arogya.gov.in

    Brief description of the programme/project/initiative :

    1. Medical Officers Masters
    2. Availability of Doctors
    3. Transfer Request
    The Public Health Department has around 7000 Doctors on its roll. The doctors are deployed at various health institutions and office. A need was felt to create and maintain a database of all medical officers employed across the state. The Medical Officers Masters is an application that is a database of all medical officers in the state. For each doctor, details are captured with respect to qualifications, specialization, training details, current posting details, type and status of appointment. Further, at each institution-level, details are maintained with respect to the number of sanctioned posts, filled posts (temporary as well as permanent), bonded doctors and the derived vacancy.

    The Availability of Doctors is an application that is accessible to general public. Through the application, any person can query for the details of doctors posted at a particular health institution and office. Details available are with respect to qualifications, specialization, current posting and type of appointment of the doctors. Every year, several Medical Officers make requests for transfers on  account of various personal and professional reasons. These requests can be for within their home district or outside of the same and may involve change of designation and/or profile as well. Given the large number of applications received every year, it becomes an arduous task to maintain records of the request applications and make decisions as appropriate. The Transfer Request Application is an application developed towards this endeavor.

    Why was the project started?

    “The applications were started with the following objectives,

    • Build a comprehensive database of all government doctors in the State
    • Readily available information that aids in the decision-making process regarding the appointment and execution of transfers
    • Facilitate transparency in the deployment of doctors and make it available in public domain
    • Facilitate online recording of transfers requests
    • Manage effectively requests applications
    • Generate pertinent MIS reports at various levels of authority


    “To develop web-based application to maintain a comprehensive database of all doctors across the state, record and track the requests for transfers made by them, facilitate the process of execution of transfers by leveraging the power of Information Technology”

    Target Group:
    Citizens for Availability of Doctors application

    Geographical reach:
    Availability of Doctors application accessible to general public

    Date from which the project became operational :

    Is the Project still operational :

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative:

    “1 Information about deployment of doctors across the state available to general public.
    2 Facility to generate and print reports for the desired query.
    3 Facility to transfer doctor from one location to another through the Masters Application.
    4 Comprehensive Reports at institution level covering aspects such as PHCs with no permanent doctors, PHC with Operation Theatre/Post Mortem facility present but no MBBS doctor, posting and vacancy related details with respect to each sanctioned post and speciality.
    5 Comprehensive Reports for doctors with respect to Qualifications, Specialization, Additional Training received, Retirement Date and current status.
    6 The Database of Medical Officers Masters is used across all the three applications.
    7 Registration of doctors facilitated with pre-filled information extrac ted from the Medical Officers Masters database.
    8 Facility for doctors to add multiple requests out of which only the latest request at the closure of deadline shall be considered for further action.
    9 Last Login Details helps to keep track of the updates made to the database of the doctors by the eight designated Deputy Directors , which is necessary to keep the information updated at any point of time.
    10 Facility for doctors to add Service History in the Transfer Request Application thereby building the database of Service History of each doctor, which was hitherto absent in the department.
    11 Facility for doctors to specify 3 preferred locations for transfer along with change  of cadre, if desired.

    List  5 achievements of the programme/project:

    “1. Comprehensive database of all doctors across the state.
    2. Transparency facilitated as deployment if doctors is visible to general public.
    3. Comprehensive reports aids in decision-making process.
    4. Over 970 requests received for transfers this year – 100% online and no paper-based requests entertained at all.
    5. Doctors have referred deployment of other doctors in the state through the ‘Availability of Doctors’ application and then given their preferred locations judiciously.
    6. Support was provided to doctors regarding requests submission over email and mobile on holidays and during non-working hours as well.”
    7. Doctors have submitted  requests with preferred locations as well as with attached supporting documents to substantiate their claim for request. The supporting document is mandatory.
    8. The common database is being used in other applications and projects as well such as Health Advisory Call Centre.

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    “1.Existing data of doctors was available only in Marathi and hence needed to be digitized in English

    2. Data was not coherent or updated
    3. The designated eight Deputy Directors did not update the data at regular intervals.
    4. Doctors did not refer the guidelines thoroughly before logging their requests.
    5. Several doctors fail to note down their login id and password and seek help over phone and email despite clear-cut guidelines.”

    List 5 points on how  the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    “1. Online database of all doctors.
    2. Open to public to increase transparency in process.
    3. Replicated for executing general transfers.
    4. Comprehensive reports to aid in decision-making.
    5. Common database used across various application.”

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

    “1. Database of Group-B medical officers at Zilla Parishad level is in process.
    2. Database of Group- B non-medical officers can also be prepared on similar lines
    3. To be integrated with the proposed Leaning and Development (Training) Application in future.”

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