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    Registration Name: eMaharashtra 2012
    Project Category: digitalLEARNING :: Best ICT Enabled School of the Year
    Project Name: Parivartan

    Details of Applicant
    Name: Mrs Swati Hedgiri
    Address: Solapur Municipal Corporation Prashal No 31272, Dajipeth, Solapur. Maharashtra
    City: Solapur
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code:  400051

    Details of  Project/Implementing Agency:

    Name of Organisation: IL&FS Education (IETS)
    Address: IL&FS Centre , C- Quadrant, 3rd Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E)
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code:  400051
    Name of the Head of Organisation: R.C.M. Reddy

    Brief description of the programme/project/initiative :

    “Program Sponsor: IL&FS Transport Network Ltd (ITNL) – CSR Program Concept and Management: IL&FS Education (IETS) Program Beneficiary: Dajipeth Municipal School of Solapur Municipal Corporation (SMC) Program Duration: June 2010 to December 2012 Interventions IETS proposed interventions are based on results of need analysis survey conducted by the team through schools visits and direct interaction with all the stake holders of the schools Listed below is the summary of the interventions: Refurbishment of the existing infrastructure by providing appropriate design inputs to develop a blueprint for Intelligent Buildings that directly and indirectly enhance the quality of learning in schools • Setting up of requisite IT infrastructure • Integration of Technology in classroom transactions • Recruitment of three mentors to guide and support teachers • Enhancement of teacher capacity through training programmes • Setting up and operating a Balwadi programme • Monitoring the programme in consultation with local education functionaries”

    Why was the project started?
    “Program was started to address the challenges faced by the present Public School education system in smaller cities • While providing adequate number of schools to match the demand for enrolment, “Quality” is inadequately addressed and “Equity” is almost unattended. • While educational programs have widened the opportunities for SCs and STs in terms of access, retention & completion of the school cycle still remains a concern. • Drop out rates are high among the STs at all levels of education • The problem is more acute among the ST girls with only 45% of the enrolled girls completing the primary stage & only 16% are passing out of tenth class • Teacher Absenteeism and lack of Teacher Accountability are the major impediments in providing quality education to the students in public schools. • Performance of students continues to remain at low levels both at primary and upper primary levels.”

    Improvement in physical infrastructure of the school incorporating BaLA (Building as Learning Aids) principles wherein the building structure reinforces academic concepts and provides adequate learning spaces,Establishment of relevant and cutting-edge IT infrastructure for use in teaching as well as learning. This includes K-yan with multimedia content as a classroom teaching tool and computer lab for students.Teachers with knowledge, skills & confidence to use varied teaching methods to address diverse learning styles. Teacher trainings will include IT skills, pedagogy inputs, self-development and English Language usage.Well-researched programs for students to instill joy in learning and foster holistic development. The student programs will include English Language, IT skills, Math-Science concepts and Life skills,Standard operating procedures that enable smooth functioning of the school. The administrative programs will include IT trainings, school management software and monitoring devices.

    Target Group:
    “ School going students of Dajipeth Municipal School, Solapur , Parents of students,  Teachers and administrators of school,  Members of the community”

    Geographical reach:
    City of Solapur

    Date from which the project became operational :
    June 2010

    Is the Project still operational :

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative:

    “1. The project works towards bringing Quality in school program through various innovative initiative which include :1. Use of Kyans & Multimedia content,K-yan is also used for co curricular purposes to show educational films, TV programs, and to play music at the time of events and celebrations.
    2. Use of Kits to teach curricular subjects: To meet this challenge, Parivartan school includes a Kit-based teaching-learning approach for English, Math & Science for classes 1 – 7. The Program includes a hands-on Kit with a Facilitator Manual & Student Workbooks. School teachers go through a short duration training program to gain confidence in using the kit with students. Subject kits (Math, Science & English) consists of variety of teaching resources for delivering the curricular concepts. They facilitate teachers to reinforce and revisit concepts in respective subjects through hands on methods that are child centric and support constructivist approach. Kits bring joyful methods of learning to class and make learning stress free and universal.
    3. Life Skills Program with workbooks for Class 5-7: IETS designed Life skills program offers teachers a variety of unique and evolutionary education programs that deliver powerful lessons in life skills principles and values to enhance children\’s academic and personal lives.Teachers use the facilitator manual which has simple, easy to use, lesson plans and resources provided for each session.The program is fun and interactive whilst teaching important skills such as resilience, self-responsibility and self-esteem.
    4. Teachers Empowerment: Teacher empowerment is seen as the most crucial intervention responsible for sustaining the program. One of the ways in which the teachers’ are empowered is through the placement of mentors in school. Three mentors are provided to the school for Math- science, English, & Computer.Mentors role is to empower teachers to use improved/innovative methods of teaching and thereby to take the school to a higher level of functioning. They are the role models for the school, hand-holding and training teachers to bring quality in the school program by using the best teaching practices. They are placed in school for the entire duration of the project.
    5. Teacher Trainings : In this intervention of Parivartan The school teachers undergo continuous focused training covering various aspects of the teaching-learning activity.The content for teacher training program is based on the realistic needs of the teachers.Therefore, the in-service training program serves dual purpose of building their subject knowledge and providing them with skills to improve classroom instruction.Some of the areas for capacity building of teachers include:1. Use of ICT in the Classroom.2. Computer training.3. English Language Training.4. Pedagogy training .5. Classroom strategies.6. Soft skills & personality Development Training
    6. Setting-up a Computer Lab :Under Project Parivartan the School has been provided with a futuristic technology enabled ICT lab where students and teachers possess modern IT skills.This Computer lab is managed by a trained teacher delivering graded Computer Education Program for all classes.ICT Lab has internet facility which will work as a powerful enabling tool for educational change and reform by making teaching and learning into an engaging, active process connected to real life.IETS has equipped the school lab with the following IT infrastructure:- IT Lab fitted with computers, scanner and printer ,- Lan Connectivity & Internet Card ,- K-Yan – Knowledge Vehicle with various multimedia function in a portable box,- Curriculum based multimedia content for the hard spots of the curriculum
    7. Student Enhancement :P arivartan program intervention has inculcated several co-curricular activities, all round the year, to foster holistic development in each student. IETS strongly believes that students who participate in co- curricular activities not only do better academically, but also develop other facets of their personalities in the process. School Activities include: – Life skills program,- Games & Sports,- Library program ,- Student guidance and career counseling,- Educational films,- Excursion & fieldtrips,- Guest speakers,- Celebration of events
    8. Physical Infrastructure: Enabling, empowering and energized environment is motivating and contributes significantly to student achievement and the well-being of all stakeholders engaged in the learning – teaching activity. Pleasant, clean and well-maintained school premises convey a regard that stakeholders in education carry for their environment, and notably a message that “it matters” helping in nurturing responsible citizens of tomorrow.As Parivartan intervention IETS has designed a responsive solution to develop a blueprint for Intelligent Buildings that directly and indirectly enhance the quality of learning in the schools.This includes: Clean and well maintained school building , Active & enhanced classroom environment with adequate lighting and ventilation,  Barrier-free, child-friendly school, Incorporating elements of building that double up as teaching aids , (BaLA), Provision of safe drinking water facilities, Designing toilet facilities to enhance capacity and separate toilets for boys and girls,
    9. Judicious Use of Technology is the answer to disband the distractive qualities of technology in schools, while using these very technologies to actually improve learning and teaching. The project works with the conviction that the teacher is the pivot for all teaching-learning at a school, while technology is one of aids available to the teacher & learner. . It is a well-trained teacher who will integrate technology into the curriculum, align it with student learning goals and use it for engaged learning projects.
    10. Healthy Parent-Teacher Partnership provides a two-way information flow from the teacher to the parents about the child’s classroom achievements and persona, and from the parent to the teacher about the complementary elements in the home environment”

    List  5 achievements of the programme/project:

    “1. Students have shown improvement in their overall performance. a. Students English communication skills have improved, b. Student demonstrate talent in co curricular activities,c. Students have become computer literate,d. Students attendance and enrolment have improved,e. Students performance in curricular subjects have improved,

    2. Teachers integrate/use technology in the teaching learning process. Through regular usage, teachers have understood the value of child-centric teaching aids in helping students learn faster and better, and make teaching enjoyable.

    3. School has received appreciation from parents. They commend teachers /mentors for doing good work and express their satisfaction for the progress of their wards.

    4. Based on the success of Parivatan Project in Solapur, project is being replicated in other States of Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh (Replicability).

    5. School stands out amongst all schools in Daji Peth area. It attracts attention of school heads/teachers of the neighbouring schools. They visit the school to learn and understand the model.”

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome?

    “1. Winning the confidence of the school heads / teachers prior to the roll-out of the school improvement program.

    Scheduling training program for teachers

    3. Encouraging teachers to integrate technology in the teaching process. This was done through various activities

    4. Identification and appointment of local mentors and projct coordinator to work in Parivartan. This was done through

    5. Completing restoration work of the building while the school was functioning. This was done through”

    List 5 points on how  the programme can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    “1. Model uses programs/products which are tried and tested by IETS in various government schools across India

    2. The program has a systematically written out Process Manual which could be understood and followed by any other external agency interested in setting up similar school.

    3. All the programs/products (Kits, K-Yan, Multimedai Computer Education Program) are standardized, available and come with Handbook , student work book, pre and post test to ensure similar results year after year
    4. Teacher capacity building programs are also standardized so that the same training could be delivered with ease with no compromise on quality

    5. Program is regularly audited internally, and through third party audit to be conducted in last quarter of the project.”

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

    “1. Empowerment of teachers and administrators is given immense importance, so that the knowledge stays with the stakeholder and could be used for scaling up even when the implementing agency exits
    2. Model uses low cost solution which supports scalability
    3. Model supports uses of locally available manpower, services, vendors, material across all interventions
    4. Transfer of knowledge takes place though systematic trainings, manual, and handholding practices
    5. Model is simple and undemanding easy to understand and put into operation”

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